Frequently asked Questions about re-upholstery

Have your favourite sofa recovered by new image upholstery

Q. Why recover our old sofa or chair instead of buying a new one?

A. By choosing a high quality fabric (or leather) you can transform even an average sofa into an exclusive piece that no retailer would have on their floor!

Q. What is a good quality sofa? Is a cheap sofa worth recovering?

A. We could classify the quality of sofas into three broad categories:
  • High Quality Sofas. They are definitely keepers! They combine comfort and elegance. They feature hardwood frames, well padded arms and backs, sprung (and sprung edged) seats, excellent cushioning, attention to detail, high quality fabrics. Generally speaking, high quality sofas are so well built that they last for many years. They are worth re-upholstering again and again. High Quality Sofas are either custom built or purchased from top-end-of-the-market furniture retailers.
  • Medium Quality Sofas. Medium Quality Sofas are also worth re-upholstering. In fact, as a favourite upholsterer's slogan puts it, they can be made "better than new". This can be done because their frames can generally be reinforced, their padding and cushioning improved or replaced, their webbing/springing reinforced or replaced, and fabric/or leather replaced with a better quality one.
  • Low quality, cheap sofas are not always worth re-upholstering. Cheap sofas are in most cases imported and are made out of low quality material (chipboard and pinewood frames, low grade elastic webbing, low density foams, cheap fabrics, etc). Also, the workmanship is of a very low standard. In these cases, it is probably better to buy a new sofa or to have one custom made. However, if you are happy with the shape and size of your "cheap" sofa you can turn it into - at least - a medium quality sofa by having it re-enforced. Also, you can choose any fabric you like to give it a face-lift. Especially on the cheap-end furniture market the fabrics are of very poor quality, so it may be a better option for you to upgrade your sofa with a nice fabric making it look expensive and exclusive.

Q. Which type of fabric will give us the best service?

A. See: Fabric Types

Q. Will you do the work if I use my own fabric?

A. Yes. However, we may be unable to ascertain the quality of fabric not supplied by us. New Image Upholstery uses fabrics that have been tested using Australian and International standards. For more information see: Grading of Upholstery Fabrics. If you are purchasing your fabric elsewhere, we recommend that you ask how it has tested in Abrasion Resistance, Seam Slippage, Colour Fastness to Light & Pilling Resistance.

Q. Do you tighten or reglue the furniture when you reupholster?

A. Yes, whenever necessary we reglue open joins; we reinforce and re-block parts of the frame that require attention. However, it is not always possible to open all the joins for full reglueing or re-blocking, because of different seat and back spring/webbing constructions. Smaller problems like loose arm joints or loose corner blocks are easier repaired.

Repairing the frame of Antique furniture is a more complicated matter. The frames tend to be fragile In order to repair them we may need to fully strip all padding and springs. Our French polisher is experienced and well skilled in all aspects of antique restorations.

Q. Can you refinish, re-polish, clean or "touch up" wooden frames?

A. The team of New Image Upholstery includes a French polisher. We are capable of doing repolishing, or light refinishing & touching up of the wood on most furniture.

If you require any further information feel free to contact us.

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